7 simple steps to enhance your relaxation time

34min read

Your relaxation time. Your pause moment. Your leisure time. Your time-out-of-the-day. Your detox time. Your reflection time. Your me time.

Whatever you call it, taking the time out of the day for the sole purpose of relaxation is important!

This is your time to unwind, release some stress and end the day on a high. The kids are fed, watered and in bed, the house is clean, work is finished for the day and now all you have left to do is unravel and put your feet up.

However, we know that this isn’t always easy, with the hustle and bustle of day to day life, and sometimes that one hour that you set aside just isn’t enough to let go of all the tension. Whether you plan to read a book, watch an episode on Netflix or run a hot bath, here are our top tips to boost your relaxation and get more serenity & tranquillity out of your me time.

TIP 1: Light up a scented candle

The warm embrace and soft flickering of a beautiful candle is enough to give any room a cosy Victorian cottage vibe ideal for setting the mood to take it easy. Make that a scented candle and your living room quickly becomes a beacon of relaxation with a gorgeous fragrance filling up the room, teasing your olfactory senses and setting your mind at ease. Peak House Aromas houses candles in a lovely matt white candle jar – a subtle adornment that looks at home equally in the modern & minimalistic décor you see in Instagrammable homes as well as those that look a tad more ‘lived in’! We would recommend the Japanese Blossoms Scented Candle for a dignified floral array of jasmine, rose and amber with fruity top notes of apple and cherry for a light and graceful scent that provides the perfect ambiance for respite. Or if you want to double down on the warm ‘by the fire’ atmosphere, try the Egyptian Amber Scented Candle for a warming, spicy scent with hints of cinnamon, bitter orange. Whichever scent you choose, lighting a scented candle is the age-old way of enticing your senses and achieving zen.

TIP 2: Productivity Brings Positivity

There is nothing worse than sitting in your favourite spot, wrapped up in a comfy blanket, an unputdownable book in hand… and realising that you can’t focus on the words because the unfinished task you left is at the forefront of your mind.

The golden rule of your time-out-of-the-day is that it needs to take place after the duties are complete. Otherwise you’ll notice that you’ll never be able to truly turn your mind off and may even feel more agitated than when you began.

TIP 3: Put The Kettle On

Another tip that has been prescribed for centuries – a hot drink in your favourite mug enriches your body with feelings of warmth and add even more comfort to an already comfortable evening. My go-to is a pot of sweet Moroccan mint tea which takes me back to carefree evenings on a balcony in Marrakesh, sitting, laughing, and telling stories with friends while watching the sun go down and listening to the gentle hubbub of the markets far below. Simply bliss.

It’s best to avoid all caffeinated drinks in the afternoon/evening to really allow your body to wind down. Herbal teas such as peppermint, lemon balm and chamomile offer a wonderful pause moment. Peak House Aromas offer a Lavender Dreams Scented Candle with notes of lavender, chamomile & geranium which go perfectly with a warm cup of tea.


TIP 4: Set The Mood

Probably the quickest and most effective way to instantly transform the ambiance of any room is to adjust the lighting. With the advent of smart lights and LED light strips, it’s never been easier to turn the same room you see daily into an entirely different vibe.

The lighting in your room has a massive impact on your ability to unwind and we’d recommend opting for warm colours and dimming the lighting just enough to get that snug, homely feel!

TIP 5: Night Light Filter

The amount of light you receive from electronic devices can play a part in your ability to wind down and ultimately affect your sleep. If you’re watching a show, scrolling on social media or even reading an eBook, then this simple change could drastically improve the quality of your relaxation and positively impact your health!

The light from your phone, laptop or TV emits very bright light that can impact your circadian rhythm and make it difficult to fall asleep. The job of a night light filter is to reduce the amount of blue light given out, making the screen appear to become more yellow and warm (exactly the same changes you’ve made to your room lighting). A quick science lesson; your brain associates blue light with daylight and activity – think blue skies – and boosts your attentiveness, reaction times and – really sciencey now – inhibits the production of the hormone melatonin which peaks at night to help us get a restful night’s sleep. All of this is exactly the opposite of what you want during your leisure time.

The night light filter cuts out the blue light as well as reduces eye fatigue leading to an overall more relaxing experience and at the end of the day: a better night’s sleep. Most modern devices have a blue light filter built in so just fiddle around with the settings and start enjoying a more restful night!

TIP 6: The Role Music Plays

We’ve talked about your sense of sight and smell, now how about your sense of hearing? Listening to your favourite music is a fun activity in and of itself, but it can also be used to enhance your relaxation doing other activities such as reading or meditating! Spotify and Soundcloud have hundreds of calming playlists, ready-made for relaxation, or you can create your own. Smooth jazz, classical essentials and peaceful piano are all ideal accompaniments. We’d recommend starting with the aptly named ‘The Most Beautiful Songs in the World’ playlist curated by Spotify and working from there according to your personal taste.

TIP 7: Use A Wax Melt

Sticking with the senses, an incredibly exciting way to switch up the scents in your home are with Peak House Aroma Wax Melts. These little bars of greatness offer the same benefits of scented candles, such as filling your room with a beautiful, tantalising aroma and stimulating your limbic system – the part of your brain that stores our memory and emotions and inciting your pleasure centres to produce hormones such as serotonin and dopamine to regulate mood. The best part about Peak House Aromas Wax Melts is that each bar provides up to 90 hours of heavenly fragrance for less than £5.