How Fragrance Layering Can Elevate Your Home

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In the current climate, your home has become so much more than just a place of rest. It’s become a work-from-home office, a family pod, an entertainment spot, as well as a sanctuary of calm, rest and sleep. It’s no surprise that boundaries are being blurred and overall wellness is suffering as a result.

Enter home-fragrance layering. The lovely way to create custom scents to divide up your home into different zones, all while smelling absolutely divine. Additionally, the science of scent layering is ideal if you’re looking to create your own signature scent, express your creativity, or just seeking to develop your understanding and appreciation of fragrance! 


What is Fragrance Layering?

In simple terms, fragrance layering, also known as scent-scaping or scent-layering, is utilising two or more home fragrance products on top of each other to create an entirely new smell. This is an age-old technique originally used in the oud markets of Arabia to produce bespoke scents for the upper echelon and has become the best-kept secret of modern-day perfumers and interior designers alike.

Fragrance layering seeks to inspire individuality and encapsulate the unique aura of a living space by allowing you to create your own unique scents in a process that is both pleasant and simple to do.


Why is Fragrance Layering so important at home?

Especially in recent times, our homes have become a singular hub for many functions including work, rest and play, so it’s more vital than ever to avoid blurring the lines between them. By setting up ‘fragrance-zones’ in different areas of your home to generate the mood you need for work, relaxation or exercise, you’ll gain many benefits such as increased productivity, improved wellness, and it’ll help divide your day.

As your mind builds associations with different rooms for different functions by using scent layering, you will be able to define each space, subsequently noticing enhanced focus while working from home, increased energy during exercise, and an amplified aura of calm and relaxation while winding down.

Using multiple home fragrance products at the same time might seem a bit odd, but it’s the perfect way to create your own bespoke scent profile that is entirely unique to you, or to accentuate an existing smell in your home. Just as in the world of fashion, the addition of complementary accessories can transform an outfit into something totally new, likewise scent-layering can elevate a room and produce an entirely new ambiance.

Furthermore, because of the simplicity of the process, you can quickly create new fragrance combinations to suit your mood, the season or personal preference. Scent layering is also ideal for highlighting special occasions such as a birthday, a wedding or a social event!

How to layer fragrances

In truth, there are no right or wrong ways to start layering fragrances, which is part of the beauty behind the practice – it is completely flexible to suit your personality. In theory you could use almost any scented item, from candles and reed diffusers to fresh flowers.

However here are our three top tips to get you on your way!

1. Understand the moods you’d like to create

As mentioned, your home is a multifunctional hub with many different purposes and you’ll need to work out when you’ll be switching between work, leisure and relaxation. Planning which areas are to be used for which functions and at which time of the day is the first step to layering your fragrances.

To start the day you’ll want to create a crisp and energising atmosphere, invigorating your senses and stimulating creativity as you start work.

During your workout hour, a strong and powerful scent will inspire and get you motivated.

As you begin to wind down, we’d encourage using a lighter and muskier aroma to support you releasing the stresses of the day as night starts to fall.

Understanding what vibe you’re looking to achieve will help you to understand which scents you can utilise.

2. Discover which notes trigger which mood and emotion

Scent is extremely subjective from person-to-person. Not only do each of us have our own preferences for fragrance, we also have our own set of moods and memories associated with each scent. Create your own scent story. These scent stories can be used as a personal tool to discover which aromas to use while layering fragrances, but as a general starting point, Peak House Aromas offer a few suggestions of common associations with fragrance notes:

3. What products can be used to achieve the effect

Each type of home fragrance product has a purpose. Reed Diffusers are a consistent, hands-free way to fill your home with fragrance for months. Room Sprays are useful for a quick burst of aroma to brighten up any room. Scented Candles & Wax Melts are a powerful way to release a strong scent as well as add atmosphere to the room.

Understanding how to use different products in tandem is the key to fragrance layering effectively. You could start by lighting a Scented Candle as you have your morning coffee, then introduce a complementary Wax Melt to transition into the creative mind-set required for work. Perhaps use your favourite fragrance as a Reed Diffuser to lay a solid foundation, and add a layer of a different scent using a few spritz from a Room Spray. The possibilities are endless – and the experimentation is half the fun!

Start scent layering and improve your wellness by creating fragrance ‘zones’ throughout your home. Let us know what scent combinations you use and which fragrances you find complementary.


*Header image from @just_mummy_life