Spring Essentials

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The arrival of spring is the perfect excuse to also refresh the scents of your home. What better way to welcome in the new season than to submerse yourself in the gorgeous fragrances that manifest the essence of spring?

Why introduce spring scents into your home?

Smell is perhaps the most important sense after sight, especially when creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in your home. As such, the elements that we see with the arrival of spring should also translate into the scents used in our homes, to assist welcoming in the new season. This will transform your headspace, remove ‘nose blindness’ and boost your mood!

What is a ‘Spring Scent’?

Traditional spring scents are a celebration of nature and the revitalisation the new season brings. As we welcome the first daffodils of the new season, and the once bare branches start showing their budding leaves, floral scents are prevalent both outside and inside the home. Complimented by a bright flower bouquet, a floral fragrance such as a Japanese Blossoms Reed Diffuser could become a new centrepiece in your living room.

We also tend to associate fresh fragrances with the energizing nature of spring – from the crispness of April showers on a warm day, to the pure scent after a deep spring clean. Our White Linen Room Spray is the perfect way to get that quick boost of freshness in your home!

Here are our top picks of home fragrance essentials for the month of spring:

1. Fresh Laundry Wax Melt

Very little can beat the sense of pride and accomplishment of completing the load of laundry that’s been staring you down for the past few days. With the Fresh Laundry Wax Melt, that feeling is never far away.

A diffusive fruity floral accord, opening with clean notes of soft citrus orange, peach and green apple whilst including jasmine, rose and neroli.

This fresh, almost floral and citrusy fragrance will keep you in remembrance of your favourite fabric softener as it fills up your home!

2. Wild Patchouli & Bergamot Reed Diffuser

The absolute embodiment of spring in a bottle.

This scent showers you with a fresh, revitalizing feeling, full of aromas that uplift your mood, refresh your soul and invite the new season into your home! A combination of scents that include but are not limited to citrus, bergamot and vetiver.

3. Wild Lavender & Lemon Room Spray

The scent to keep you on your toes! A bright fragrance of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus with green and fruity nuances including tomato leaf, lime and spices.

The combination of lavender and lemon is the ideal way to boost focus and wake up your home after a sleepy winter. The bright fragrance also includes eucalyptus, tomato leaf, lime and spices which’ll infuse a burst of energy into your life!

4. Bergamot & Green Tea Scented Candle

Think outdoor garden party!

Reminiscent of joyous, relaxing afternoons out on the patio, this aroma will definitely have you inviting friends over for an outdoor brunch! This fragrance delivers a fresh, vibrant feeling, made with floral green tea, providing notes of bergamot sweet rose, lily, dry leaf tea, and a base of amber.

As a Scented Candle, the soft flickering of the flame will remind you of the warm embrace that spring brings.

These are our favourite choices to greet the season we’ve all longed-for, allowing you to embrace the warmth and uplifting feeling spring brings. Get yourself in the right state of mind for what the warmer months will bring, and welcome in the longer days and lighter evenings with aromas that will add that special touch to all the new memories waiting to be made.