Tips to make a Reed Diffuser transform your living space

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The first thing you notice when walking into someone’s home is the aroma that fills the air, and I’m sure you will agree this is why we want all our visitors and guests to be left with a calming impression when they leave.

Peak House Reed diffusers are an easy hands-free way to fill your home with a wonderful scent for months (yes, MONTHS!). Not only do reed diffusers add consistent, calming aromas, they also act as a centrepiece for any room, with our statement clear cube glass jars, perfectly paired with white reeds.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your reed diffuser, here are our top tips that will allow you to reap all the benefits!

Flipping reeds

If you’ve had your diffuser open for a week or so and feel like you’re starting to become ‘nose-blind’ or would like an immediate burst of fragrance, try flipping your reeds over. By dipping the clean, dry side of the reeds into the fragrance oil, you’re allowing the scent to be able to diffuse quickly for a quick surge of scent. This is ideal when having guests over and you want them to notice and compliment the new reed diffuser.

As a general rule of thumb, we’d recommend flipping your reeds once a week to maximise your aroma output! We find it best to do this over the sink or using tissues to avoid spillages. A top tip is to flip your reeds just before going away, so that you can return to a lovely scented home.

How the sun can help you out!

We’ve all been there before – unexpected guests on the way, and you’re rushing around trying to tidy up the house and throw something in the oven! Here’s a neat trick to get a quick burst of scent when you need it most: place the reed diffuser in a sunny spot or radiator to boost how much of the enticing aroma is being given off. This will tickle your guests’ olfactory system and give them something pleasant to talk about while you’re bustling away in the background!

Just remember to move the diffuser back to its original spot once you’re done as the extra heat will cause the oil to evaporate much more quickly, so we don’t recommend this for the long term.

Centre of attention

Speaking of guests, turn your reed diffuser into more of a talking point by dressing up the area around it. Peak House Aromas use a beautiful clear cubic diffuser glass complemented by white reeds – a subtle centrepiece in and of itself, but you can accentuate this with some other adornments to add character to any room.

Instead of a coaster underneath the diffuser to protect the surface from fragrance oil, a mirrored tray or a patterned plate in the style of your room décor could turn your diffuser into a statement piece that also has a beautiful scent. Add some unscented house plants into the mix and you’ll have a new centre of attention in the room! The possibilities are endless – show us how you style your reed diffusers on Instagram by tagging @peakhousearomas.

Be reed generous

Let’s be honest, if you’ve just bought a new reed diffuser, you want to have the instant indulgence of the fabulous fragrance flowing through your room! While our unique formulations are designed to start dispersing the scent as soon as the plug is removed, you can aid this process by using all 8 reeds included with your diffuser.

The purpose of the reeds is to soak up the scent and release it passively over the next few months. By using all the reeds included in the box, you’re maximising the rate at which this process happens and allowing the aroma to emerge at its strongest - giving you a robust, sustained scent for over 12 weeks!

Although using all the reeds is the best way to be immersed by the scent, we understand that this varies from person-to-person and room-to-room. If you’re particularly sensitive to fragrances, desiring a more delicate scent or are looking to layer your home with multiple scents, you may wish to remove a reed or two to suit your preference.

Location matter

The optimal place for your new reed diffuser would depend entirely on the size and purpose of the room it’s in. As a guide, we’d recommend placing it in a hallway or near the entrance to the room. The increased air circulation generated by the daily traffic of people walking in or out of the room will allow the scent to be dispersed more frequently and further, so you’ll notice it every time you walk past. You wouldn’t really get this effect if the diffuser is kept on a high shelf, however you’ll definitely want to keep it out of reach of children or animals.

We’d also recommend keeping the diffuser away from windows or radiators as the heat may evaporate the fragrance oil faster than what you’d like, but there may be some situations as mentioned above where you could use that to your advantage.

Repurpose the glass jar

The time has come again to refresh your home with a new scent as your current diffuser has valiantly concluded its months of service and the fragrance oil has finished. But don’t throw the vessel away – upcycle and repurpose the jar by washing it out thoroughly and turning it into a miniature vase for your dressing table, a pen pot for your office or makeup brush pot. We’ve even seen our glass bottles turned into a miniature flowerpot, complete with soil and all.


These are our top tips for making the most out of your reed diffusers – they’re hassle free and a continuous solution that will keep your home smelling incredible for over 12 weeks! With all of our scents available as reed diffusers, have a look through and choose the new scent for your home. A couple of our favourites are - La Vie Est Belle, it provides gorgeous soft, feminine fruity notes, and Dark Orchid, a more masculine scent from our cologne-inspired collection offers notes of ginger, pepper and apple.