Best scented candles

Our scented candles are made from a soy wax and paraffin wax blend. This means they provide the optimum burn time.

7 benefits of scented candles

Here are seven benefits of scented candles that you may not have thought of:

1 – Create a calming atmosphere

A flickering candle can be a very calming and relaxing site. Strategically placing a handful of candles around your home can be a very good way to create a desirable atmosphere that helps you to relax and unwind.  

2 – Mask bad odours

Scented candles release their scent when the wick is burned. They add a soft fragrance to any room and can mask bad odours.

3 – Liven up your room

Looking for a quick and easy way to add some additional flare to your room? A well placed candle can complement any bedroom, kitchen, living room or hallway.

4 – Add to a romantic setting

The soft light emitted by a candle placed in strategically around a room can really help to create a romantic atmosphere. A romantic dinner just isn’t complete without a scented candle.

5 – Mark an event

Candles are often used to mark events such as birthdays and weddings. Our luxury scented candles can add additional spark to make any event extra special.

6 – Support meditation

During mediation, it is important to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Candles can really help with this. In addition to this, some meditation exercises involve focusing on a burning flame of a candle.

7 - Express yourself

Lastly, a scented candle is a great way to express yourself. At Peakhouse Aromas, we have carefully crafted a whole range candle scents.  Whether you’re in the mood for a fruity scented candle or something with a spicy scent, a scented candle can help to enhance your mood. 

How to use a scented candle

Remove the packaging of your Peakhouse Aromas luxury scented candle before using it. To provide optimal aroma release, we recommend burning the candle for a minimum of 4 hours. This is to ensure that the entire top layer becomes molten before it is extinguished.

Once used, before re-lighting the candle, ensure the quick has been trimmed 0.5cm. Once the wax level 1 cm from the bottom, we would recommend discontinuing use of the scented candle. Ensure that the candle is extinguished gently. If the candle is extinguished too vigorously, then you risk splashes of wax or the wick becoming tilted.

What are our bestselling candles?

The fragrances for all our candles have been carefully crafted to provide the most pleasing aroma release. Each candle is handcrafted in our Berkshire workshop in the UK and we’re proud of each of candle scent creation.

Some of our best sellers are our Japanese Blossoms Candle, Precious Myrrh Sandalwood Candle and our Pumpkin Spice Latte Candle. Also check out our lavendar candle, gingerbread candle, Patchouli candle and our coconut candle.