What are reed diffusers?

Increasing in popularity, reed diffusers are a simple and effective way to provide a pleasant aroma in your home. Reeds are inserted in a glass bottle that contains diffuser oil. The reeds then soak up the scented oil and release a pleasant smelling fragrance into your home.

If you require a stronger scented fragrance, then simply add more reed sticks into the diffuser bottle. You’re in control of how strong the aroma boost is from your reed diffuser. Whether in your bathroom, living room, kitchen or hallway, our Peakhouse Aromas luxury reed diffusers can be used around the home. As reed diffusers don’t use a flame, there is no risk of fire.

What makes Peakhouse Aromas reed diffusers special?

Our luxury reed diffuser fragrances have been carefully crafted to provide the most pleasantly smelling aroma to your home.

Each 100ml bottle gives off an aroma for an impressive 12 weeks. Whether you choose from our cologne inspired, floral, fresh, fruity, perfume, spicy or sweet scented range, the scent is sure to impress.

How long do our reed diffusers last?

The environment that you place your reed diffuser in can affect the amount of time that it provides fragrance. Using air conditioning, heating, closing and opening doors or a dehumidifier are all examples of things that can affect how long a reed diffuser’s fragrance lasts. A Peakhouse Aromas reed diffuser contains 100ml of diffuser oil and eight reeds. It typically lasts around 12 weeks.

Can I use my old reeds with a different scented diffuser?

Reeds soak up the fragrance of the liquid in the diffuser. If they are then inserted into a different scented diffuser, they will still release some of the scent from the old scented diffuser. For this reasons, it is recommended that you use fresh reeds when a new scented diffuser is used.

The scent from my reed diffuser isn’t as strong as it used to be

The scent from your reed diffuser can fade over time. If the scent from your reed diffuser isn’t as strong as it used to be, but you still have plenty of scented liquid left, then there are two things that you can try.

1. Flip the reeds over - This can give the diffusion process a boost and increase the fragrance released by the reed diffuser.

2. Give the bottle a swirl – swirling the liquid around the bottle can get the oil in places where it may not have reached, giving a small boost of fragrance release.

3. Replace the reeds – If flipping the reeds over or giving the bottle a swirl does not provide the sufficient fragrance release, then consider replacing the reeds with fresh new ones.