What are room sprays?

Room sprays (or room mist) are quick an easy way to add an instant burst of aroma into any room.

How do I choose a room spray?

The perfect room spray for your home will depend on the kind of aroma that resonates best with you. You don’t even need to limit yourself to just one fragrance. Having a few room sprays to hand will allow you to choose the room spray fragrance that is perfect for your mood at the time.

When choosing your perfect room spray, consider the kind of atmosphere that you want to create in your home. Are you looking for an energising or relaxing fragrance? You may also want to consider the preferences of the other people in the room if you’re going to be having guests over.

How long does a room spray last?

The amount of time that a room spray’s fragrance lasts will depend on the size of the room and the amount that is sprayed. Typically you should be able to expect a pleasant aroma for a few hours.

Five places to use a room spray

Room sprays can be used in many circumstances. Here are just five places where you may choose to use a room spray:

1. A bedroom spray
2. Clearing the air
3. A bathroom spray
4. Car air freshener spray
5. A living room

Why choose a room spray from Peakhouse Aromas

Our room spray range is inspired by the world's most iconic women's fragrances, characterized by sensuous, feminine notes of oriental flowers, dark fruits and musk. They come with a complete 90 day money back guarantee, fast delivery and are handmade in the UK for premium quality.