What are wax melts?

One of the more modern and popular home fragrancing methods, scented wax melts are chunks of wax that release a fragrance when heated. Unlike wax candles, wax melts don’t have a wick that needs to be burned. Instead, they are heated in a wax melt burner. They came about when candle makers needed something to do with their leftover wax after making their candles 

Some of the more popular wax melt fragrances are perfume wax melts, coconut wax melts, gingerbread wax melts and oud wax melts

Read on to find out why our customers love our luxury clamshell wax melts handcrafted in our Berkshire workshop in UK.

Should I choose a wax melt or a candle?

While both candles and wax melts have their place when it comes to adding some aroma into your home, there are some key differences between candles and wax melts to consider.

One - No need for a wick

unlike with candles, a wax melt doesn’t have a wick. This means a tealight or electric wax burner is not required. Scented candles definitely have their place in home fragrancing. However, the exposed flame after burning the wick poses a risk of burning something by accident if not dealt with care.

Two - Do not evaporate

Wax melts do not evaporate like candles do. This means you can keep reheating them until they lose their fragrance.

Three - Cheaper 

Wax melts are often a cheaper alternative to candles, and their fragrance often last longer as well. Wax melts can often hold more fragrance than oil candles.

Four - Easy and convenient to use 

A popular choice for workplace fragrancing, wax melts are simple and easy to use. As they don’t require a wick to be burnt, parents with children may find them a better option. Our luxury wax melts are also light and come in their own individually wrapped container.

Five - Control the strength of the fragrance

With a wax melt, the user chooses how much wax melt to burn. If a stronger burst of fragrance is required, then a larger wax melt chunk can be used. If a more modest scent is required, then a smaller chunk of wax melt can be burned.

How do I use wax melts?

Using a wax melt to provide a burst of fragrance to your home couldn’t be simpler.

1 – Break off a chunk or two of your favourite Peak house Aromas 90 gram wax melt. The amount that you break off will depend on how much fragrance you would like to release into your home.

2 – the place the wax melts chunks on your tealight burner or electric wax burner.

3 – If you’re using a tea light burner, then you will need to place an unscented tealight in the section underneath where the wax melt chunks are placed. If you’re using an electric wax burner, then there should be a switch that switches it on. 

4 – After lighting up your tealight, or switching on your electric wax burner, you’re good to go! The wax will gradually melt and release a beautiful aroma throughout your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room or wherever you choose to place it in your home. Our 90 gram wax melt chunks provide an impressive 90 hours of fragrance release.

Wax melt safety precautions

Wax melts are generally safe to use around the home. However, over at Peakhouse we recommend that the following precautions are taken when using wax melts.

Don't leave unnatended

Please don’t leave a burning wax melt unattended

Don't burn for longer than four hours

If you’re using a tealight burner to heat up your wax melt, then it is generally recommended that you don’t heat up your wax melt for longer than around four hours. This is because your burner may become dangerously hot, increasing the chances of it shattering.

Keep away from children

Always remember to keep wax burners away from children and pets.

Don't move the burner whilst using it

Do not move the burner whilst using it. It will most likely be hot and can burn the hand.

Wax melts are not edible

While Peak House Aroma wax melts do look good enough to eat, they are not intended for consumption.

How to change a wax melt

Once a wax melt is no longer releasing any fragrance, it is time to replace the wax melt. There are two methods to removing the wax melt from your burner.

Method one

Wax melts harden and stick to the burner in room temperature. This means to remove the wax melt from your burner, you will need to first heat it up. This will cause the wax melt to become a liquid form which can then be removed from your burner. One way to remove the liquid wax is to soak it up with a cotton wool pad. Just take extra care not to spill any of the wax melt. It is also a good idea to keep the bin where you intend to throw away the used wax close by.

Method two

If you’re using a tealight burner, then another popular method is to place your tealight burner in your freezer and allow the wax to harden. You can then pop out the wax from your tealight burner. This method sounds simpler, but it can sometimes be tricky removing the wax melt from the burner. Do not use a knife to remove the wax. This could scratch your tealight wax burner. 

Remember to allow your tealight burner to reach room temperature again before burning another unscented tealight candle on it. A frozen tealight wax burner may crack when heated up.