To educate and spread self-love, creating a community that inspires one another.

Peak House Self Care Image

Who are we?

We are a brand that represents beauty, harmony, wellbeing, and self-love. We offer a union of delicious scents that will take you back to simpler days and reignite those precious memories.

Peak House inspires our customers to tenderly love themselves from the inside out. Most people today are living busy lives and it’s very easy to get caught up focusing our attention on others instead of ourselves. We spend so much time worrying about our families, colleagues, friends and the world.

We offer you a moment to pause, breathe and focus on you.

An important lesson to keep at the for front of your mind is that you "Can’t pour from an empty cup" - and we will continously remind you of that here at Peak House. That’s why we have crafted a precise product range that will allow you to spend that much needed time focusing on YOU, because you count!

The focus is on you allowing yourself to feel the self-love you deserve. When has anyone ever regretted a moment of appreciation?